50+ Latest Best instagram Bio in Punjabi For Boy & Girls (2019)


instagram Bio in Punjabi For Boy

The boys always live in Attitude and if the boy is Punjabi, then the pride and the styling increases even more. So obviously this kind of personality should be seen at the top. 

Especially in view of the Punjabi boy in mind, We have shared a bio for your instagram profiles, which if you apply on your profile you will see the most different which will suit your personality.

instagram Bio in Punjabi For Boy




|| Name ||

🔹$eLF AnN!h!LaT!oN🔥

🔹🇮🇳 ✈️ 🇨🇦

🔹i DeC!De mY V!bE$..

🔹uNFuckWiThAbale 🔥


👻yourid 🏠 PB65 🎂 2 MARCH🏤 SDian🏢 PUNJAB UNIVERSITY CHANDIGARH ᵂᴬᴴᴱᴳᵁᴿᵁƪઉ Mehar kari🙏


Bike Lover 😎😎

Born to ride ✌✌ 

Animals lover 🐇🐕😘😘

Party animal 😋😋🤘🤘

Karma believer ♻️♻️♻️

Noth special 🙈🙈🙈


Pb👉 02

🎂Cake cut..12 july


#wmk 🙏


👑Kuddi ta end a…bakki sbb mood te depend a😜


Wish me on 29 Sep


KTM lover

From mdgr

Name 🔵

ੴ ||ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ|| ੴ 

😎judge me when you are perfect 😎


♦️Alone 😢♦️||♦️haters 🖕♦️

♦️Modelling♦️Twenty1♦️1 oct♦️DL


W€l¢om€ t♂ m¥ wo®ld🌍 

$il€nc€ ¡$ m¥ [email protected]®e👿 

@tt¡tud€ l€v€l📈 

$¡πgl€ ✌ 

®o¥al £nt®¥👉 23 July. 🎂 

Z¡dd¡ b●¥ 😎 

¶h●t●h●l¡c 📷 

W●₹k [email protected]🔨

✪ Name ✪

🎉Nøv 15 |🙋🏻‍♂️19


👬Natpë Uyir😘


📑X-BelF |🔥NGL


🏍️EnFiEld løve❤️



🛠️W0rk Hard


❄I don’t wanna be anyone’s sun but I want to be that moon who makes one’s darkest nights bright. ¶¶


Jun -08 🎂

Single ☝️

Alone But HappY😊

Photography lover 📷

Love Travelling 



💐 DM me for Editing ♛

Follow me..

🌹📏 5.9 ft. 

💐 #yourid

😉Full-Name 🇮🇳

👉Alone Boy! 

Wish me on 08 jan 🎂 🎂 

Singing lovers🎤🎵 👈


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